Guys, does it sound like he genuinely likes me?

Does it sound like he likes me or he just wants a hook up? He's about 18 years my aenior. We work together at the moment, but I'll be leaving before too much longer. We've been friends ever since we met about a year ago. He is extremely polite around me. He is always willing to help me. He once told me that he has a ton of respect for me. It actually makes him angry when other people are disrespectful toward me. He calls me sweetie all the time. He tells me that I'm pretty/beautiful sometimes and I catch him stealing glances at me now and then. I was once being harassed by another employee and he did everything he could to help me. He tells me that I'm intelligent. He also tells me that I'm sweet, different, one of a kind, and weird and that he likes that about me. If he brags about his cooking skills, he make sure I'm near. He also told me that he's an awesome dancer. He's asked me if I would ever want to go golfing or kayaking, but not in a way that sounded like he was planning something. We like the same music, so we talk about bands all the time. He sometimes sends me songs late at night. He makes an effort to talk to my mom whenever he sees her. We know a lot about each other's families. He's actually been pretty honest with me about his past. Sometimes he'll text me a joke or something that he saw online and say he thought of me. He told me about a week ago that he sometimes wants to text/chat with me, but he chickens out and doesn't. We're texting a bit more frequently these days. I always say goodbye to him before I leave and he's started to do the same to me. He is a tad flirtatious with other girls at work, but I don't think it's to this extent. I really like him a lot. Would someone who was just trying to use a girl go to all of this effort?


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  • He's a friend. Plain and simple. Based on what you describe, there really isn't a whole lot of romance involved in what he's said or done. He definitely likes you in a genuine manner - but not as a romantic partner. Since this is in the dating section, I'm assuming you are asking if he likes you romantically?

    • I was actually asking if he just wanted sex. Again, he's about 18 years my senior.

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