Is it too late? Has she already locked me in the friend zone?

I grew up in a family where romance was something that was kept mostly private between two people. I've known this girl for about a month. We've been out twice. They weren't dates - just hangout sessions. I'm fairly certain she's interested in me. But because of the way I was raised, I haven't made any type of physical contact (like putting my arm around her or kissing her) yet. Now that I've known her this long, I'm afraid she may think that I only like her as a friend because I haven't made a move. Is it too late to make a move? My last ditch would be to tell her that I like her.


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  • A month is not too long. But you'd beter make a move NOW, or you may regret it. Still, if she only sees you as a friend, you need to cut her out from your life and puruse other girls who may see you in romnatic light.

    • Wouldn't she think it was strange for me to change that quick? To go from nothing to initiating physical escalation?

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    • I see. Like you said, I'll never know unless I just go for it. And I plan on it. Thanks man.

    • Yup! Just go ahead and confess! The reason I give this advice, is that I wouldn't want other guys to take the same route I did, and miss out of a lot of wonderful girls (which I already have, due to my insecurities and inability to approach). Good luck! :)

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