Vindictive guy? Why is he behaving this way?

Aguy waited for me when I was dealing with a breakup. We started dating briefly and then he bailed out suddenly and started parading new women in my face. I handled it fine and was civil to him. What is his issue? Why bother in the first place if he was never that into me?


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  • Well a few things here. By waiting, how long and did he say he was interested in you?

    Maybe he dated you and just wasn't emotionally attracted to you and decided to look for another girl.

    • If he wasn't emotionally attracted, why wouldn't he just move on then? Why try to hurt me afterwards?

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    • meh. I don't seen the point in being vindictive if you've truly moved on. Thanks anyway for the opinion though :)

    • Well I don't want to walk away and say it was or not vindictive. But the fact in the matter I do not know the full case. But we'll all I can say is really forget if it is upsetting you that much.

      Try looking for different guys yoy are into etc unfortunately the world moves on even If you are not ready.

      If you need to chat more about the info in that situation let me know

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  • He is douche or a drama boy.. Fuck him


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