Why does guy ask this, does he want a relationship with me or not? Please guys could really do with some answers please?

So guy asks for another start a few weeks back, said he wants to take slow (we live longdistance) (we first met in person when I was in his town in October 2014)
has messaged me everyday, and seems very eager, a couple of weeks back I said, to him, if he wants a new start with me, then show me, I was just after a bit of fun, I am looking for a real relationship. If you want a new start why are you not asking me to come and see you soon! I recieved a reply from him saying, Oh I'm really sorry for that.. I just mean to start slow once again darling , end of next month he is losing his job this I have proof about, he said if I was to go and see him, he would only have limited time to see me, as he's got to work, i am very sad cause I cannot change things and you feel like this. I sent him another message saying.
Will you meet me yes or no?
If yes great.
If you say no i'm moving onto meet someone else
I don't need excuses, if you care about me you will say yes, i or i'm really gone, it's upto you it's your last chance, I recieved a reply, I would love to see you, don't want to miss this last chance.
He asked me when I was coming, and then he asked me again on Saturday, but tonight was talking to him, he said to me do you think about having sex with me, I responded to that with, is that what your looking for from me the only thing? He replied no for sure no just question. He then said he want to hug me, kiss you and feel you, he said and then have sex if you want too, but no rush.

So my question is, does he just want sex from me, or is he wanting a relationship with me?


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  • This isn't going to work out. He cannot communicate with you correctly for a LDR. Some people can do them and some people can't... He is one who would fail, I think you could manage it but he would drive you insane... Find someone nicer who deserves you :)


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