How soon do you say I love you?

I met a girl a little over three weeks ago. She lives in the same apartment building and attends the same university so it is very convenient to see her. She is literally the only person I've seen everyday (including my roomate) since moving in for the semester. Because I've hung out with her everyday I feel like I know her very well already. I probably only knew my last girlfriend this well after several months. Ask me this girls favorite movie, album, or food; ask me her sister's middle name or her best friend in junior high; her family dynamics or her dreams for the future, I know it.

It's been going ridiculously fast and we've talked about slowing down but it feels right so we just decided to go with it because we are happy. Anyways we just declared exclusivity three weeks in. I'm madly in love with this girl. I plan on holding off but... how soon is too soon to say I love you? Part of me says that we've spent more time together than I had with my last girlfriend after 4 or 5 months so in theory it isn't that weird. On the other hannd no matter how much time we've spent together it has only been three weeks. That would be crazy soon. So when is the appropriate time?
I feel like I should add that I believe she feels very strongly as well. When our eyes meet we both can't help but smile. "No one has ever looked at me like that" she says. The same goes for me, I've never been looked at the same way. Even after 8 months.


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  • I told my boyfriend after a week because he was on leave and going back to base... we are still together almost 4 years on :)


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