I contacted my ex girlfriends ex boyfriend for closure?

He basically laid out the truth to me how , she was lying to me the whole time.. having sex with us both at the same time while in a "committed" relationship with me.. past few weeks I had been trying to apologize because I thought I was the problem. . she made it seem like I was the problem.. but she was cheating on me.. he then showed her the convo.. then she blew up on me; your psychotic this and that grow up , get a life.. I uncovered 8 months worth of lies.. is what I did wrong?


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  • No you wanted closure and you got it. She would have done the same I imagine. The best thing you can do now is accept the truth, as awful as it is, leave all the people involved alone, move on and leave that mess in the past. It doesn't deserve your time and attention anymore.


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  • It's okay. Leave players to players.


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