She said she's not sure if she likes me more than a friend and has a boyfriend.. but she still flirts with me?

I look up sometimes to see her already looking at me, she touched back of my head at work and said i miss you already as i was about to finish work, she blows me kisses aswell. Could she like me and maybe said she's not sure cause she has a bf? anyway what sould i do? please help.


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  • She Obviously wants her cake and eat it too, @davidboyle and with this, you are what I call Her... Work hubby.
    She has another Main course, home on her Other Partnership plate, while on the job, she can play around with you, a sweet side dish that he doesn't have to know she is blowing kisses too and blowing sweet nothings in your ear here, dear, around the water cooler.
    However, unless things change after 5, she will go Home, leaving You... Alone.
    Good luck. xx

  • she is a player, don't fall for her, she's just playing with guys, do not trust her


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