When a guy says?

Sorry everyone I wasn't sure which topic I should post this under

what does it mean when a guy doesn't say your name during sex but says it as he is cumming?

i don't think this guy has any feelings for me because we are both busy so we don't see each other that often once a week sometimes once every 2 weeks and when we do see each other it is only for a few hours he says he hates that he can't spend more time with me but he often when I send a message asking if he is ok he either takes hours to reply or he doesn't reply at all and he doesn't say sorry when I ask what happened


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  • i dont think what he says and when really matters too much. dont focus on that stuff too much because i almost feel like ur overanalysing right in the middle of the moment. just lose yourself man.

  • it really doesn't matter if he says your name, i would be more worried if he said someone elses :)


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