Do You Date Potential?

Or do you like the people you date to have their shit together from the time that you meet them? For example, would you date a guy/girl in med school who doesn't have a car and lives with his mom knowing that his/her life will increase in quality exponentially into the future? Or would you reject that guy/girl in lieu of the guy/girl who is 7 years older, who finished med school and who has a nice home and car?
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  • No, Ain't Nobody Got Time for You to Accomplish Your Goals
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  • I don't care about her success, I care about her personality. But I might be willing to date someone with personality potential. For example if she is young and is a bit immature I might let it slide because I think soon she will grow out of it soon


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What Girls Said 1

  • i myself refuse to date if I'm not in a good enough place within myself. i think that if a person gets to a point where they are satisfied, they aren't pushing themselves far enough.

    it's good to find comfort within yourself, but a desire to improve or succeed is something ill always respect.


What Guys Said 2

  • I learnt the hard way not to date on potential...
    Really bad decision in my circumstances

  • As a high school student especially, of course. All of us are only "potential" at this point.


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