Move or stay in my hometown?

Un kuterakky at a dead end, should i stay or move? Only reason for staying is closer to family and i might not feel alone, but then again... i dont like my hometown, i would have never chosen it to live in. I want to move to a bigger city 40 min away from my hometown, i like that city, but i dont know anyone over there, i dont hvae friends or family so i might feel alone, but i do want to continue my studies over there... what should i do?


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  • its only 40 minutes away you can come home when you are lonely :)

    I say give it a go it may be the best thing you ever did! At least you know!

    • really?

    • yeah I think you will always wonder what if otherwise... i think you feel you need to :)

  • When I graduated from high school, I traveled around a lot, making new friends, living in different places with Meeting new faces, and never really got homesick much.. It was a new adventure for me and of course, I kept in close touch with my family.
    I have had millions of friends all of my life, they come and go but my family of course is still in my heart and Now..2 hours from home.
    There was even a time, I was going to move to Egypt when I married a man out there and live. However, my decision to return to the states was not because of my family, it was in doing what is best for me.
    Same thing for you here, dear. Maybe leave the door open, visit a bit to see what may be more in store with a 'City' so far away, but know, no matter what, "There is no place like home," and I am sure it will always be open for you, no matter what Happens... Don't hold back, life is way too short, be adventurous Anyway... Even for a day.
    Good luck. xx


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