How many of you single guys and girls get annoyed when this happens?

I really don't mean to sound touchy, but I cannot stand it when my friends in relationships get all patronizing and say "don't worry, he's out there, it happens when you least expect it!" Uh, yeah, I know that... And... what makes you think I'm worried? Implying that is condescending in itself. Sorry I don't mean to sound like I'm high on myself, but spare me that schpeel!

I wrote to a girlfriend of mine about how I'd just congratulated my ex of 4 years (whom I was madly in love with) on his new engagement. She said it was good that I texted him, blah blah, but THEN goes on to say "Don't sweat it, your awesome guy will come along. It's just a matter of time! It'll happen when you least expect it. :) Be you! Be fabulous!"

Ughh. I'm sure she means well, but... just... Stop. Haha, like... I'm not sweating it... all I said was that I congratulated my ex and feel better now.

I still get the "He's out there! Sit tight and any guy who ends up with you is LUCKY :))" Ugh! I just find it so patronizing.

Who else is with me? :)


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  • no my friends in serious relationships are miserable on not too long ago came home to an empty house as his wife moved out and took everything with her. my friends are actually a bit envious. the only problem is I can see their women systematically cutting me out of my friends lives. these women feel threatened by my singledom. I feel like women judge more then men on this because I do get this from my female friends but I just feel that women want to trap men and kill our life energy.

    • didn't understand a word of that. has nothing to do with my question.

    • it answered your question. I don't mind when this happens because as a man in the 21st century living in the feminized western civilization its best for a man to stay single

    • yeah ok

      didn't understand my question

      don't worry about it though

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  • Omg I hate that. If anything it makes me feel worse! I feel like they're pitying me almost :/


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  • I get what you are saying and it is a little frustrating. But you never know when you will meet someone... maybe even on here.

    • dude, that's not the point. I am already aware of that. I don't need people constantly telling me that, especially in a condescending manner.

      oh, just saw that you're 18. makes sense.

    • What does my age have to do with anything?

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