An old Flame resurfaced?

So recently an old flame came back into my life. she's still pretty witty and funny like i remember. I still have feelings for her but at the same time im leaning towards walking away because pursuit would only make it weird between us. I send her a message once or twice every couple weeks see how she's doing but i haven't taken it any farther than that. If things keep going smoothly should i consider asking her out? (FYI we did'nt date four years ago we just went separate ways)


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  • My experiences with this temptation would be to agree with your warnings, for this would have worked out prior if meant to be + she's back on the market = not a keeper or just too fickle.
    Best use of her would be only as far as friends and only long enough to meet/network her friends who will be opposites of her & thus more the keeper sort, less fickle = what you want/need

    • I get that. Honestly though its not so much she's fickle just she's been through abusive relationships like me so i dont know where her mind is at. i know its not some sunshine and rainbows garbage or destiny but i can't help feeling the way i do for her now because its the same as 4 years ago

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