How do you know when a guy likes you and when he's just playing you?

i have known this guy for a while but recently things have changed. I always thought he was cute but I never thought I had a chance we were close friends. then I started going out with this guy and he said I could do better. he knew I had a boyfriend but he flirted with me and he even gave the most amazing kiss. then of course he is kind of dirty. he asks for pics and texts about how he wants to screw me. he can be sweet but he can also be dirty. how do I read into that? he did all that while I have a boyfriend but ever since he started all this I have lost interest in my boyfriend.what do I do? What is his game?


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  • sounds like a playa fo'sho! it really is a game he wants to see if he can get you. some playa guys do that will try & try for girl then lose intrest once they "get it". he probably has low self esteem. having a girl want him over her own boyfriend boost up his confidence. lol. watch out for those dirty boys. you aren't even his girl but his send you message about getting nasty with you. what other girls that aren't his girlfriend get those messages? you know? is he sending those messages to other girls with boyfriends to? that's a sign there girl. woah and the kisses and flirting WHEN he KNOWS you got a man already. My opinion is he sound like a playa girl don't get played.

    • Thank you! although now my boyfriend decided he wants to take a break. this guy was the first to comfort me.

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