My sister Always tries to act like she is better smarter then me?

more mature, more wiser just because she moved out at 18 and im 23 and live at home
(her moving out doesn't mean anything, its close in our hometown and she is a student so she gets payed for going to school , she is not in the real world yet), she acts like she has ''seen'' more then me but with her attitude i doubt it she has seen anyhting, as for a socializing goes im more street smart, she is not even ''book'''smart all tho she acts like she does, she doesn't acknowledge my work, she likes to steal the shine and she wants all our brothers attention on her. Why does she act like this, when i know her from the back of my hand? i will always be older then her, why compete?


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  • than me*


  • It's just the I'm 18 and no everything thing one day reality will come and kill that thought

    • hahahha what do you mean, she is 20 by now

    • Ya after collage or university when your out of school in reality you learn you don't no tght much

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