Guys, Is he into me?

I have a huge thing for my best friend. He tells me he doesn't have feelings for me but part of me doesn't quite believe him. He offered to lend me 8 grand for a down payment on a home, we talk about having a kid together, he tells me everything and things he's never told anyone, he's there for me everytime i need him, we have great sex and he's always happy around me, he's very sensitive whenever he thinks i may be judging him which i dont but he's always worried i am and he cares a lot of what i think about him.
He's starting to second guess having a kid together though because i made a good point about it though. But i am unsure of where we stand. He claims to have no feelings for me but i mean... that seems a little above and beyond just friends does it not?


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  • "he's there for me everytime i need him, we have great sex and he's always happy around me,"

    Nice, almost got me to think this was a real question.

    • It is a real question. I'm not understanding how when he knows i have feelings for him.. and all this stuff... he tells me its not mutual.

    • @Asker

      I'm more amused by the idea of calling someone you fuck a "best friend." The way you just childishly refer to it, as well as it being in passing.

      People like you are basically the reason why good, honest, adult relationships between a man and a woman are going the way of the dodo.

    • He was my best friend long before we started sleeping together and he still is. he's the one person i can turn to, the person i can tell everything to, the one person that i absolutely hate not being around. I want a relationship with him, it's not that i dont. I dont know where he stands because i dont believe him when he says he has no feelings.

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  • he is inside you... during sex anyways

    • Lol... obviously

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    • Thanks.

    • Sorry but if he says he doesn't have feelings for you, then he is just using you for sex. Plain and simple.

  • Ya he does

    • Then why does he say he doesn't have feelings then?

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    • he's not second guessing that because of money... he make good money

    • Well I have no idea then sorry for wasting your time 😐

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