Girls, 16-mid 20's only please, could you date and be attracted physically to a guy who was 21 and had to shave his head bald from early hairloss?

Keeping it simple, just be honest, could you? Or could you not? Please picture if a bald guy actually approached you flirting etc (respectfully too of course) before you say yes or no
  • Yes I could, a guy even at 21 can be attractive bald, hair doesn't make or break his looks
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  • I couldn't see myself with a bald guy this young, so no I would not fall for a bald guy
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  • Honestly I'm not into bald men but that doesn't mean I couldn't fall for a guy who's bald. It's more than looks to make me stay with you.

    • I admit looks are a must for me, I couldn't date a girl who wasn't physically attractive so I won't villainize a person for that, although many women say men are bad about fat girls when they could do something about it, hairloss you can't change. And girls are very quick to say 'eww's and 'gross' so shallowness is a human trait, not an individual sexes. I'm just saying that looks do matter, and should its natural

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    • Which did you vote then A or B? I hope not A, because I meant that for a girl who'd give a bald guy they didn't know a shot (just approached her at school or a party etc)

    • i chose B. But like i said my mind could be changed depending on the guy.

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  • I voted no because,, I don't mind being with a bald guy I would on the other hand mind getting serious with him because I wouldn't want my kids to have to suffer thesame ordeal...

    • First off that's the dumbest thing I've really heard and second my condition is not genetic its conditional, my body went through enough stress it cut resources to non essential functions, one of those was hair, the other issues cleared up but the lost hair was permanent, hypothetically anyone even you would lose your hair if you went through what I did so it's not a trait that would pass to a child.

    • But I'm curious, are you saying you'd be ashamed or embarrased of having a bald child? If so you really need to realize being a parent is not for you. Looks in a girl matter to me it's natural, but I will support and train my kids regardless of how they look

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