Best friends brother is confused about me and another girl?

So i recently went to a party and got messed up and my best friend and her brother where there because we all hangout together. Anyways i ended up crying that night and telling the guy about my ex and what lead to the break up two moths ago and i told him i lost it to the guy. him and another gur friend were giving me advice and were there for me and my best friends brother took care of me that night. (mind you he was sober) Well he told one of my very close guy friends that i call "my brother" he dude im confused and he asked him about what and he's like about this one girl emily and bianca (me) and emily is this girl he had a thing with freshman year of college but she wasn't feeling it so it stopped. He told "my brother" i miss her and i wish things ended differently. But than he said my name and said well i have a thing for bianca. He told him i can see myself with her. However, he said he doesn't like my attitude when i mad (lol) and he said and she mentioned something about her ex. So I asked "my brother" and his girlfriend because the guy talked to both of them about me and they said i should talk to him and ask about what he thinks or feels. I really liked him my freshman year and he's one year older but he ended up finding out and never presude anything so i let it go. So now im confused on why now? like why me? i want to talk to him but dont know how to go about it! id like to hear from guys and girls please! thank you.


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  • Don't do anything. Let him make his decision himself


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