Guys, what do I do with him, possibility for us?

So this guy initiated flirting. I know him through freinds. He sent me flowers and said things like ill love him one day etc. I went to visit with freind to help him move in with him. Mind you he lives in another state. The week was amazing he treated me like a girlfriend taking me to dinners, buying things, kisses everything calling me babe etc. It was like we were together. I helped him clean his dressers and such and he said things like he will make space for my stuff. Well my last day i said we can try something if he wanted. He said he wasn't ready. Friend told me he was cheated on in past and he told me he doesn't trust easily. I went home and things started good texting everyday. goodnights and good mornings and thrugh the day. I sent a thank you gift he loved it and what not. well as the weeks went on i was the one initiating the texts. He responded fast but i still did. which i didn't mind. I thought maybe since he inittiated first wanted to see if i was actually uhm going to make an effort now that i was home not sure. We also talked sexual a lot iover texts and he always says he wishes he was here. I also know he uses tiinder for the casual hookup. Just sex and nothing like it was between us. I sort of stopped contacting him for a few days to see if anything, and then contacted him and he answered he was just busy. I know he is since he's a realtor and he's always on phone with work etc so i gave benifit of doubt. I posted a pic on ig the other night he liked it and then finally texted me asking if i was playign poker without him. Hi initiated and then i initiated yesterday and talked until bed. What could be going on? does it sound like he's interested or what from a guys opinion and what should i do? Could he just not be ready and sort of scared or something else. Help!!!


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  • He's probably testing you like you do him. That's why it looks weird. There is a simple thing you can do to remove all that weirdness and uncertainty. Just tell him how you feel and ask him what's going on. Is he interested in you? Yes? Then he should act like it. No? Then he should stop wasting your time... You should stop playing games too. I understand he's been hurt before, but he either wants this or he doesn't. You can't play love without burning yourself once in a while.

    • How was I testing him? By not texting him? If i am i dont mean to be. Im pretty sure he knows i like him, since when i left since i brought up the whole relationship thing. I'm just confused I want this, but maybe being in 2 different states is also a big issue and or he just wants to have fun until he's ready, but saying all this stuff about us getting married and treating me how he did to me looks/sounds like he likes me

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    • *ask him to be honest and tell you if he wants this

    • I didn't think me doing what i did was testing him, but im glad i know that now. Yes from my own feeling I do think he likes me. Well why would anyone treat someone like that if they are not interested. Like u said his own inhibitions are holding him back. I'm sure he knows i do like him as when i told him the day i was leaving and sort of left it up to him, but then again i dont know. If he likes me so much then why do the whole tinder thing for random hookups? because the distance since im not there? I know he has told his freind he likes the chase or something. We talked tonight just randomly but i said zap yourself here jokingly and he said he wished. Its just so hard being so far away right now and thinking if i was closer things would be easier, but they can't be just quite yet.

  • Yes, he does sound interested. Did you ever take him out to dinner while you were in his state?

    • I tried to pay every time we went out but he wouldn't let me

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