What to do when u suspect your boyfriend is a liar.. Hides things from u.. Is a hypocrite and contradicts everything he says or does?

My boyfriend has trust issues... But says he feels most comfortable in telling me anything.. Do u already see the cobtradiction there. Says he likes me but my friends treat me way better than he does. Either does not know how to b a good boyfriend and do i need to teach him? Or the fact at times when he says girls think he is a player.. Who cares.. U are with me... Makes me think he is fishing arpund... adds random girls on social media.. Why do guys do this wen they are in a relationship.. He only knows how to point things at me but never accepts his mistakes.. What can b done? ..


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  • You DO NOT do anything stupid.

    • Ok.. But is there anything else that can be done? ...

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    • It sucks though bc im in love with him n he does not get it...

    • I know the feeling but you have to think about if this is actually what you want. The relationship could be a huge waste of time but itc an also be everything you need. It's your decision to make and it's going to require a lot of thinking.

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