Do you think he was jealous?

Today I was in a park with a guy I'm going out with and on a bench not far away from ours was my ex with his friend. He was looking at us for a while... Me and this guy were just sitting and talking, nothing more then that. Then I had to go to the bathroom and I left him there. I didn't check my snapchat today at all... But an hour ago I did and I saw a snap from my ex. He took a picture of the guy and said ''Why didn't you kiss him, now he looks sad'' I didn't replay though because I saw it too late and it would be weird.
Do you think he was jealous?

Oh and I have to mention that today he was seen with his ex and they were supposedly kissing. Two of my friends saw them :)


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  • Does it matter if he is?

    • Yes. To me it does.

    • So then you are not over your Ex?

    • No... I suppose not :( Though I am trying. I'm not sitting at home crying. I'm dating other guys and I don't even think about him as much... But as soon as I see him... Everything just turns around.

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  • I don't think so. I think he likes his ex

    • Then why did he write to me?

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  • He does sound bothered about you and this guy

    • Yes he does... But I don't understand why would he be? At the end of the day he's with his ex again... And trust me. That girl CANNOT be compared with me. (Not to sound cocky, but it is true)

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