I want to engage my girlfriend but I came across an issue and I feel a bit dumb lol. Can anyone help me with ring sizes?

So i been with my girlfriend for 5 years now and i went to the jewlery store to pick out a ring and then she said "what size". I felt dumb cause i don't know and i though it was just like that lol and also i want it to be a surprise. So now i was wondering is their any possible way of getting her ring size without her knowing? Maybe get one of her friends in on it? The past 3 months her friends have been pushing me to do this. I'am going to do it near Christmas time.

Any help at all? I'am not the biggest "love" person but i try my best to figure these things out lol. Any help will do, thanks.


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  • Does she have fashion rings at home you could snatch? :o

    If not, try asking her patents if they know.

    You might be able to guess by her weight/height.
    7 and 8 seem like common ring sizes!

    • OH YES! ok yeah i will take like a ring she wears then bring it the lady at the store and she can do whatever needs to be done.

What Guys Said 1

  • Steal a cheap ring of hers that she won't notice and say "this size" lol


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