Girls, how do you get to know, and possibly date a shy girl?

I'm interested in this very quiet girl. She's smart, shy, introverted, and very beautiful. We barely know eachother though. Two of my best friends are quiet introverts so I'm used to communicating with them, but when I'm attracted to someone I get shy as well which makes it even more difficult. We are going to lunch together tomorrow with a mutual female friend (I didn't make the plans, our friend did) so I'm trying to figure out things to say to get to know her better. My friend knows that I like her and told me that she doesn't really date, but that I should still give it a shot, because she doesn't choose not to date, she just doesn't put much time into looking for guys. She has shown no signs of liking me at all which can be discouraging, but I don't give up easily. My friend also insists that she should tell her that I am interested. All though I don't exactly want that there is no stopping her, so she plans to tell her after we go out to lunch. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Well I just found out that she has a boyfriend. Fml


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  • Show her you care, make her feel special, do those cute little things, and DONT push her.
    Find something that she likes, even the smallest thing, and share that with her.
    Shy girl are easy to win over but they might not show it.. Also dont give up!
    After a while she will open up, as long as you keep it simple and honest


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  • try passing notes to her to start and just have them say stuff like what do you like to do, what is your favorite song

  • read my mytake!

  • You just need to show her that you actually care about what she is doing. If she isn't including herself in the conversations, Invite her to. If anyone did that to me it would make me feel like I matter


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