2nd date set up then she drops off the face of the earth and starts ignoring me?

Me ex and I dated about a year 2 years ago and we broke up due to bad timing with where we were in life and me moving away. We mutually agreed that if the right time come that we would possibly revisit things.

She is recently single after moving closer to me a few months ago. We had been texting a bit over the last few weeks and then 2 weeks ago I asked her out and she said yes. She seemed very into the idea and excited. We went out and had a great time. Everything clicked like it used to. That night and the next morning we both expressed how great a time we and and that we both wanted to do it again soon. We texted a little over the weekend. Sunday rolls around and we text that night and I asked if she wanted to get together Tuesday. She said "I want to but unfortunaly I am already busy :/". No problem we talked a little more and she said that we could get together later in the week. Monday we talked a little and she told me she had a very stressful day then went to sleep. The next evening I texted her asking if she was still up to go out Thursday night to confirm it and she didn't respond at all... weird

The next evening I simply sent her a text asking if everything was okay since the last thing she told me was that she was really stressed and I hadn't heard from her again **I would not have said that if we did not have history and I didn't know her well**. She did not respond to that either...

Since then I have given it a week and still heard nothing. I texted her today one last time just saying "hey" to see if I could even start a convo with her. Not surprisingly no response :(

Cleary I should just leave her be at this point until she wants to talk. Its just crappy since our date went well and this were looking good for a 2nd date and maybe this was the right "time" this time and I have no freaking idea what went wrong. I know its all speculation but any ideas? Maybe her recent ex popped back up since they relatively recently brokeup?

I'm confused :/


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  • She seems to confuse you a bit but give her time.


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