What should I do?

Before my boyfriend left we made a promise to stay faithful and real til he come back frum ycp in 5 months. Yesterday i went to the hospital with my ex-boyfriend cause he moma might not make it. he waa telling me that he been in love with me and im the only person he got left. He bagged up from me cause his moma told em id he love somebody he'll set em free. he told me that he wanted a family nd hw wanted to do better but he couldn't do it alone.. This is a lot to take in cause im only 15 and i really dont believe in breaking promises..


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  • I'm going through something similar. I honestly think you should stay with your current boyfriend.


  • I have to agree, @MoneyBabby, it IS 'A lot to take in cause im only 15.'
    It was very sweet and kind and considerate to be with your "EX" who on his own part, still Marks an X in his Own softie heart. However, you Need to call it a day There, tell him you think that all that he said was very flattering But... I have a boyfriend now, whom I promised to stay faithful for, and I am way too young to make this BIG a Commitment with Anyone.
    My prayers and blessings go out to his moma. But from this day forward, Leave It and him in the hospital and take your own baby steps into the future with your own Life... Unless, as wise as I am, you are having second thoughts about this man who nearly got away?
    Good luck. xx


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