What does she want I'm really confused?

So I spoke to this girl since April and went to another country half way across the world to be with her for two weeks as she is the sister of my friends wife. We had a great time and kissed and she pulled me on top of her but then got scared and pushed me off which wasn't a problem.
So a couple days go by and I see her everyday and we go back to her parents house and no one is in and start kissing again and she stops and tells me that when I touch her it's like I want more. I told her I don't know what I want I'm just doing what feels natural. Then we started kissing again and she got on top of me and reached in my trousers. After a while she stopped and we stopped kissing and she told me she wants to go slowly and I said no problem.
couple more days pass and I ask her what are we... Is she my girlfriend or is there potential and she just said that she wants to take time and not rush anything.
i can understand this much but what confusing me is that she is constantly texting another boy on her phone and when I asked her what's going on with them she said they are just friends and then I mentioned I don't really trust that because they talk so much. She got hella pissed off. And I'm just wondering is she spending time with me because I've got money or is she seriously interested? I tell her how I feel often and she won't really open up to me anything at all?


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  • Which country are you from and she is from?
    And she could be after spending time with you because she wants to use your money.
    Thirdly, if you want you could simply ask your friends wife if her sister is single for sure.


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