Why is this online dating date giving me nothing but guys from my country?

I'm not interested in any local guys from my country. I'm tired of my country already, been there for now like 8 years. Tired of the guys there and don't even like their physical appearances (most of them look like someone from India).

On my profile, wrote that I would like to meet a guy from the US or somewhere else and practically all the hellos and ''want to meet you'' I'm getting is in Spanish full of local guys. They're all unattractive too.

Most of all, I'm already turned off if he only speaks Spanish.
So far I've blocked several local guys wanting to meet me. I get disappointed every time another hello is from a Spanish speaking local guy.


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  • Sounds like someone's looking for a green card. Since Trump is on his way to becoming the president.

    • Actually I don't care about the green card. I don't like the local peruvian guys. Is there something wrong with that preference?

      I would be ok with meeting either an American guy, a European or a Scandinavia. French guys I like them too (would be cool improving my French; I'm in advanced French).

      And well lastly, I like speaking a lot more in English then Spanish. If he's only going to be speaking Spanish, no thanks.

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    • I would date a white man that speaks excellent English. If he speaks French that's great too.

      As far as physical appearances.
      Light skinned
      Light haired color
      Brown, blue, gray or green eyes (but if it's blue or green cool)

    • yes... now I'm going to update my profile and specify it more. Thanks

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  • So like, no one on dating websites wants to have an online relationship so until you move, you're going to be stuck with people from your own country.

    • yeah, the only American guy that ever spoke to me didn't believe that was my real profile and doesn't want to speak to me unless I have a cam installed. As of now I only have one white man who is from Norway and said he'll travel and visit my country by Octuber (he speaks excellent English) but not sure if he'll come.

    • It's because of the algorithms that the websites use. They want to pair you with a real person in real life.

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