Girls, if you're avoiding a guy but not cutting off contact completely, is it a sign of some interest later on but not now?

I'm confused as hell by the mixed signals a girl has been giving me. I assume she has lost interest, but I'm not sure by how much. Here's the details:

Good news:
When I begin the conversation, she follows up with several sentences, almost always asks questions here and there
She's wished me good night quite often
She's facebook stalked me quite a bit

Bad news:
She doesn't initiate conversations anymore
When I FB message her, if she happens to be active she turns her chat off or delays her responses for a while
She tells me she's busy

She has expressed strong interest at first, but slowly I'm starting to doubt how interested she is.
I'm also guessing she views me as a friend, but doesn't want to "lead me on."
I've stopped all communication until she feels ready to come back on her initiative, because I feel awkward starting almost all the conversations now.
Is this salvageable?


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  • Maybe she is actually busy or thinks that you like her and isn't sure what to do with that information or isn't sure of her own feelings. I would leave the ball in her court so to speak and wait for her to initiate the next conversation. If she wants to talk to you, she will. Good luck and I don't blame you for being confused! Us girls are often complicated creatures.


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  • Personally, I think that she is feeling unsure of whether you are interested in her, and is backing off as a result. She probably feels especially insecure about it because she has made her interest so well known in the past, and may not have felt it was reciprocated. She wants you to put in the effort towards her, to boost her confidence about your interest.

    • Well, you mean give off more obvious signals of interest?

  • Yup, it is.

    • what do you think it would take, besides waiting? And how long is too long for her to "step up to the plate"?

    • You should talk to her in person and see how truly she feels about you, not over the phone nor online. It still different in person if you do.

What Guys Said 2

  • My ego must be big as a muthafucka.

    If a girl continues to contact me back, I always consider that as some interest is still there for me.

    If i'm wrong, then ah well. No need to miss out on a female opportunity by presuming she ISN'T interested, when there is still a possibility.


  • it's so confusing man.. I know how you feel... I'm actually going through this with an ex... but I'm about to just give up.. cause she said "there's no chance that we ever get back together i dont want to think of hypothetical's or the chance of me changing my mind" girls are really confusing lol

    • I know! It's frustrating because I'm really trying to feel out what is or isn't...

    • Bro I kno exactly how u feel... I'm going through the same exact situation.. I get mixed signals from this girl and it gets annoying sometimes but it's my fault she's like that cuz I was being a douchebag.. hang it there bro at this point u just have to tell her how u feel

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