How do you know if it's a date or just hanging out?

This guy, who I've known for almost a year asked me to go to the movies with him. We had already gone once together but it was with a group. I know some are thinking, 'if it's just the two of you then it's a date' I just don't know though, it's so hard to tell the difference sometimes.


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  • I suppose you can ask him. What are you hoping for?

    • A date but if it's not one, I'm cool for just hanging out with him

    • Well there are also things you can do during the movie to indicate that you are interested if you don't want to ask. For example, you can hold his hand or rest your head on his shoulder and I think most guys would get the message that you were interested in him.

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  • I think it's in between. It's not an official date, but it's a little more than hanging out. It's so you can get to know eachother more one on one.

  • Unless you regularly hang out with him, it's a date.


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