Guy's I have A Question For You Opinions Please?

Ex came back into my life, I asked why he came back after all this time (3 months) he said he thought about me, he missed , and wanted a new start with me.
He lives longdistance from me
He wants to see me
Last night we was talking he told me he had a bad day at work, I said I send you my hugs and my , and he said he want to feel me, I said i'm not that type of girl (we have never had sex)
later he asked me if I have thought about having sex with him, I responded with, is that all your looking for from me, he said no for sure no, it's just a question. He said later though, would love to hug you, kiss you, and feel you, then have sex if you want too, not in a rush.
He has been messaging me everyday via social media, he came on today and messaged me straight away, and then came on again tonight and messaged me

How serious would you say he is about me?
How do you know when someone is falling for you?
He can be quite insecure about himself at times
and when I first went to meet him first date, he was so nervous
and figgety, and didn't move up next to me, and didn't touch me
but when he was walking me back, he kissed me, but that was all


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  • Sounds like he can't get booty, so he's coming back to you.

    • Yeah but he knows I won't give him, as I have told him, and he's still coming back, and there are lots of women he could get sex from

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