What are we to each other?

So I went through a break up about 8 months ago... And this friend who has always been a good friend told me he liked me two months later. Nothing drastic happened except for kissing and stuff, but my ex (guy is mutual friend) got mad. The important factor here is this new guy said I was his and that my ex fucked up and no longer had claim. I thought he was just joking with me, but I don't know. We hung out a lot and he said if he lived here I would be his screw everyone's opinion. He even went as far to tell one friend I was his. Texted everyday since the break up.
Then we ended up in Vegas the next month and he did it again claiming I was his but he did joke around w two other girls or well was being charming. I didn't think anything of it since we weren't officially anything. But my ex was there w other friends and he got super trashed and trie dtbings I didn't let him, but this friend that likes me got hella jealous. Which confused me since he flirted with people. Anyways apologized and again resumed the behavior. We went back to our ilcitues kept talking and he told me he loved me. Loved how I was and the like. Then he kinda stopped talking. I know something happened personally but yeah he stopped as frequent at least. But he still said I love you here and there.

then about three weeks ago he called me to tell me he loved me and I was his favorite person. We went cheesy and it was fun. Then went to visit a school an hour from him and he said he would drive just to see me. So he did and he told me if I moved over there he would come see me everyday he didn't have work and he wanted to date me. He said he would now and he knows he wouldn't have to worry about my loyalty but it's not fair since we would be so far apart. He still said I was his and I asked him if he was mine and he said yes... But again he mentioned the distance.

Im not sure what he means or if I should just straight up ask him. I don't want to think we aren't together and do something... But then he would say yes then counter it with the distance. I'm ok waiting it being w him but I would like definite answer... What do you all think?
What do you "guys" think? I don't want to be perceived as anything I just want clarity because in all honesty I'm straight to the point... I would love a guys opinion in the matter.


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  • Tell him "Forget about the distance, is this an official relationship? Yes or no?" you have to be crystal clear with him so he isn't able to talk you in circles.

    • Hmm I guess. I'm normally straight forward so it wouldn't surprise him but then again I don't want to be the one thinking things. Not pushing to anything. Of course if we were going to be friends then I'd make sure we went back to just friends.

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