What the hell !!! ?

Honestly so fed up
This guy is cute and everything and he started talking to me so I continued and when he was working and when I walked past he would look at me and smile and wave.
And last week he asked me what I was doing tonight but u was busy.
Then yesterday I walk past him and he totally sees me an avoids me
Did I do something I'm so confused I dont get it
by the way when I told him i was busy I also told him that I was graduating tonight and he seem very happy for me and smile and said congratulations
But then yesterday I didn't exist


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  • So he asked you out and you told him you were busy? This is an oft used reject line. If you are really busy and you do wanna go out with him, help a fella along by pointing to a specific day you are free. Otherwise, a guy might think you are rejecting him.

    • When I told him I was busy I told him that I was graduating tonight
      And he was happy for me he told me congrates and everything
      Then yesterday pretended he didn't know me

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    • Seems to be avoiding *you lol

    • Ok I'll try and yeah I got ya haha
      How do I get him to acknowledge me again

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  • He probably took your answer as a rejection. Maybe you should offer him to do something together?

    • Yeah thank you I will

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  • 'This guy is cute and everything'... that is the issue

    Going on looks, you better hope you got what he wants or this will happen

    • Got what he wants what do you mean

    • I mean if the attraction is based mostly on each other's looks and less on the conversations you guys have had... you need to have the look he wants for him to keep his eyes on you

  • That's an already existing code for rejection. Oops? Lol.

    • Really even tho he knew I'm still in school and everything

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    • I dont have anything to contact t him with I only know he's name coz he asked for mine
      And when I see him I always smile and make sure he sees me smile

    • Okay anyway if you want to talk you can message me, I don't want to involve that other girl cause I'm already done talking to her. I don't like arguments.

  • You didn't offer an alternate time to meet him. So he took that as a rejection (because 9 times out of 10, it IS).

    Your own damn fault.

    • Lol wow if u wanna Insult me don't be anonymous u ugly loser

    • I wasn't insulting you, I gave it to you straight. Grow up.

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