Need suggestions please?

What's a god site to meet singles that's free?

Whats your our opoinion on pof. com or tinder? By the way I'm a Christian looking for a Christian girl.

I've paid for sites and no luck. Should you tell a lot about your self or how do you get started? Need help thanks.


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  • I'm a Christian girl who successfully used tinder
    Out of 1000 matches, I actually speak on a regular basis to maybe 10
    And that narrowed down to me "seeing" 1 (obviously LOL)
    You just gotta weed out the baddies and find the good ones

    • Is there a way to say religion

    • Maybe write in your bio something about your faith?

    • Thanks

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  • No, no, no, no... no nonono!! Not recommended. You dont pay to find love we call that prostitution. Tell no one nothing. This generation won't fully understand you unless they are interested. Girls ain't wet there panties over your description, theyll get bored. You dont need help. Pray to your heavenly father to pour in holy spirit onto you, that with it you may know what is your will to be done, reveal to you his plans for you. ( fast and pray in spirit, worship in spirit, and forgive, do good and study gods words) i am true Christian myself, single for quite some time now but mind is on god not humans. Woman can come after i fullfilled gods will and his plans for me. Fir your woman may come while doing his will. Who knows. But my advice to you is stay away from earthly thing things and rebuke the flesh from dires, dires rages war with spirit and later birth sin. Rather seek the kindom first and let the woman come when god gracious will fall amongst you. God bless.


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  • I hear the good jesus ladies like to mingle singles on christianmingle. Or you know at church.

    • I used it twice now and no hits. I mean I've emailed people but nothing back

  • "What's a god site " ...

    Allah. com


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