What do you do when you come to a sudden realization that you are not good with guys and dating and relationships?

I kind of had an epiphany today and realized that I seem to have really bad luck with men. There is always some drama after I talk to a guy

Im not looking for a relationship currently it just popped in my head and I'm not sure what to do with this information because I'm not looking to date men right now or talk to any guy

I'm single and I am busy doing stuff
but deep down I feel sorry for myself even though I don't act like it
I don't want to date right now


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  • When you meet someone you like take your time getting to know them first
    There's no such thing as bad luck but I think having a negative attitude definitely doesn't help

    • I don't really have an attitude toward it at all
      I really am genuinely not interested in dating or relationships

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    • Nevermind

    • I have to address it one way or the other but it's funny because I am very happy as a single person

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