She rejected me then I moved on... noe I have a girlfriend... but why she asking me about my girlfriend?

She rejected me twice and brotherzoned me and then i left her city and now she started again chatting with me but this time she said can we be friends... then i agree... now she chat me around 3 to 4 hours a day... but yesterday she ask me about my girlfriend.. and i said yes i have... and now i am not understanding what should i do because i still have feelings for her... and want her... what should u do please help..


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  • If you still have feelings for her, then the best move to make is to end things with your girlfriend because it's not fair to her for your heart to partially want someone else.


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  • Now that you have shown you can catch fish, of course she would find you more attractive. As you said, you have a girlfriend. Don't act like a little boy confused.


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  • She's being a fucking snake I would recommend not going after her because she'll most likely drop you after she got you just like what the other guy said


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