When someone is with a bad guy? Why do men always give the solution of get another guy? Why is the solution usually to fill in the void?

I noticed when a girl has a problem with a guy or a bad relationship the answer by some men and women seem to be to get a good guy

if someone is having an issue why shouldn't they fix the issue instead of trying to fill in the void

especially men who answer they usually say "it's because you are dating douchebags, get a good guy"

why don't men usually answer to fix the problem instead of being so quick to suggest a guy?
I'm talking about a breakup not staying!
I'm not talking about fixing the bad guy
I'm asking why do people who give advice always say get another guy after someone experiences a horrible breakup? Why is the solution to get another guy If she is recovering from a bad break up with a guy who treated her like shit?
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  • Most women aren't going to go for a nice guy either way if they were given the advise lol because they're too emotionally invested in the "bad" guy and most guys would imagine themselves being the nice guy that she should get so they unconsciously say get a nice guy which probably means oh get with me I'm nice xD

    • Did you read my details and update?

    • Just saw the new one lol but I think my answer still holds

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  • Because you can't fix nor change people.

    You better learn that realisation as soon as possible. YOU CAN NOT CHANGE PEOPLE.

    Only people can change themselves, if they really want to AND put serious effort into it. Usually one of the two isn't given though.

    • I know that I can not change people

  • Well what fix are you hoping for, exactly? Would you rather they recommend you get counselling or therapy? If the damage has already been done, what can a man feasibly suggest to you that YOU think would fix whatever psyche damage you've experienced from the bad relationship?

    If you think men are the issue then just stay out of relationships altogether for a while.

    • I'm in therapy and I find it helps with my relationship problems. I do not see the logic in dating another guy after being hurt by another guy

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    • It seems like men seem to think a person should start dating after the person gets hurt when men themselves do not do the same thing after a bad breakup

    • I think you misunderstood my question
      It's not about fixing the bad guy it's about after the break up

  • Are you talking about fixing the problem as in fixing the bad guy so that he can be a good guy, or fixing your attitude so you don't care how he mistreats you anymore, you're simply with him and that's it.

    Either way, the answer is, because it's a good advice to dump the douchebag and get a good guy. Fixing him is unrealistic, and starting not to care anymore is degrading.

    • I'm not talking about fixing the guy

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    • Most guys don't, a number of guys do. Funny thing is, those groups have a really small intersection.

    • Sorry, last comment was miswritten.
      Most guys don't, good guys do. Funny thing is, there is a number of good guys to be found and those two groups have a really small intersection.

  • Why should she be with the "bad" guy?

    • I never said she should the problem is men suggest a girl start dating again after she meets a shifty guy when really how will another man fix her problem if she is already having a guy problem?

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  • Trust me, it's really hard to "fix" someone. You can't change the way someone acts if they don't want to change in the first place. What else would you suggest to someone who's dating a guy with drinking and violence problems? If they like the booze, they ain't gonna give it up.

    • I'm not talking about them staying in talking about a break up

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