How to deal with a rude guy?

My ex boyfriend came back for a second chance and i let him into my life as friends.. when it comes to texting. I noticed he doesn't really like texting which he didn't tell me before. Anyways, one day i asked him why can't he text me like before because if he really loved me.. he would feel like talking to me.. instead he replied rudely saying stuff like: 'i f****** hate talking on texts'.. 'don't u understand a simple thing '.. 'do u f******* get that'..
He was so rude and i told him that.. he said sorry and told me he didn't want to but lost his cool..
Its been a week now and we haven't talked... he does love me im pretty sure however im trying to forget him and move on..
What do u guys think of him? It seems like he has got no respect? How to deal with this


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  • I don't know but i hate dealing with a rude gay


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  • Being you both are no longer two birds of a feather who flock together, he feels he can say anything to you he wishes and knows he can get away with it Because... I let him into my life as friends.
    It's his 'Second chance,' and with no Romance, he will never stop being rude and crude, it could very well, I can tell, become a dirty habit.
    Tell him, and give this louse fair warning, that there are no Third chances Next time around, should he lash out like this, and that Three Strikes it is Over, Rover, and He will be not only Out.. But in the doghouse having barked up the wrong tree.
    Friends like an "EX" who needs enemies/ He would then be considered nothing but A... Fair weather friend till the end.
    Good luck. xx

    • So is it something like he is behaving rude to me just because i said we should be friends?

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    • Waw @Paris13 , You are so many experience holder... I agree 100% with your comment here. And really you are a helpful woman. Best of luck

    • Thank you so much, sweetie, so sweet of you. xxoo

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  • Unless this was a one time thing that never happened before, and there's something going on in his life that he didn't tell you about, you need to move on... I don't know if this guy loves you or not but he lacks respect towards you.

  • hahahah i fucking hate rude texters. no, i hate rude guys in general. especially guys who seem to string you along in an unidentified relationship yet refuse to contribute in a healthy manner to the relationship yet want you in their life as some sort of "friend but maybe we can hook up one day" thing. its so unfair to the girl. I've had a guy friend who was a very rude texter before and i kinda thought about it it's a little hard to text CONSTANTLY so some people get irritated and either take a long time to respond or they just won't. other people physically can't because theyre busy or your schedules dont line up well enough.
    but it seems like this guy is just some jerk if it were me i would say fine since you hate texts so much you can just call me if you need me i don't really like talking on texts that much either. and than i would hardly make any effort to talk to him because why should i if he acts as if im pestering him.

  • Slap him in the face and move on.


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