Guys is a girl pursuing you a good or bad thing?

As the title suggests is it a good or bad thing? I'm a very independent woman & if I want something I go after it. I'm a very straightforward person in every means of my life & don't like to complicate things. However I'm dating a guy & im not sure if he's still interested, maybe I pursued him too hard? Who knows. I'm not needy or desperate in any means & quite laid back, if he doesn't message me back I leave him be, if he can't make a date I don't jump down his throat, but how can I correct this? I do like him & would like things to work out. Do I ask him straight up if he's still interested or do I pull away & give him room to chase me? Do you guys like the chase?


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  • If you like him just tell him, he will appreciate it a lot.
    Guys don't like being chased, you want him to know where he's at with you and you want the same thing from him, so be honest and just tell him

    • I have told him that I like him. However at the moment I'm a bit confused where he is at. I'm not sure if I should ask him if he's still interested or give him space to come to me to gauge his interest (I however don't like playing games like that but am being told by friends & multiple websites that this is the best way) we've been dating a month, is it a turn off when girls are direct? I'm not worried about where this is going as such yet, were still getting to know each other & I want to take things slow but I kinda need to know how he's feeling about me

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    • he will find boring, if you go directly showing interest. Your intention is to get a date with to see how he is with you. is he rude, smart, sexy, manner, and etc, is he a man or boy and etc. You never chase guy, give the guy option and he will do the planning for you


      read this article and understand guy point of view

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  • I consider that a very positive trait. I think more women should have the lady-balls to ask someone out.


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  • You do not chase guy. It take the fun out of it. Guy love chasing girl, once they get the girl, next girl for some guy. You can try do ice breaker here number call tonight or call me maybe meet up something. Simple casual

    • So would you say I could get back the chase if I step back & stop pursuing him? & let him start pursuing me?

    • yes tell him your schedule and tell him call you, or maybe meet up sometime. If he really interest in you he will contact you, he will try impress you. Invite him over to your house. get a date or something.

    • One you have understand dating is also learning about your self and partner too. Its not all about him or you. Its both.

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