Im have a tendecny to self-sabotage potential relationships?

so this situation happens, or has happen to/with three of the last guys i "dated".

In the beginning they are making a big effort in messaging me and trying to get to know me etc, mostly online. I'll enjoy it, but i'll be cool about it and i dont make a huge deal about it.

Maybe after 1-2 weeks or so the messages reduces and u start to overthink and stress about it. I try to figurate what happened, and i just stress about small things basically. Then i'll figure out they were just busy or something like that, then i stress down... and i can go from very interested to very uninterested..

Needless to say i haven't had a succsessful relationship, i have dated here and there, but i have a tendecny to self sabotage a lot of potential relationship. i think do i because of a mix of being afraid of the unknown (if it succees i'll end up i total new situation) and the fact that i expect a certain behaviore, and when i dotn get it i questione them, or us.

So i need advice on how not to be like that basically. Im currently talking to this, we have almost everyday since we met, met twice, was going to be three, but i had to cancle. But he didn't message me all day yesterday, and when i messaged him llate ta night he didn't message before early in the morning (he said he was asleep) I know his friend is visiting him from home, so i know he's busy.. but a part of me stresses out about the fact that he doesn't message me,,


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  • You overthink things, that's what's killing the chances of you carrying out a healthy relationship. You gotta remain open minded, and whenever you catch yourself worrying, stop and think, Am i being rational?


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