Guys, are you really that black and white?

Is it true when they say 'if a man wants you nothing can keep him away, if he doesn't, nothing can make him stay'?


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  • 'if a man wants you nothing can keep him away, if he doesn't, nothing can make him stay'?

    Aside from that being a very convenient and emotionally manipulative excuse for women to just sit back and do nothing, and try to pressure men to take action...


    ... then why is that ONLY applicable to "women"?

    In other words, wouldn't that also be applicable to other aspects of a man's life?

    1. If a man wants to get his Bachelor's degree from Harvard, nothing can keep him away from doing that. But, if he doesn't want to study at Harvard, then nothing can make him stay there for four (4) years until he graduates with his Bachelor's degree.

    Well, for one thing, the SAT and his grades in high school, and his extracurricular activities, and his family's status and connections, and finances... that can come in the way of his desire to go to Harvard.

    And, for well-to-do families, we all know that one guy or girl whose family "forced" him or her to "go to Harvard/Yale/Stanford/Columbia."

    2. If a man wants to work at his dream job, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't genuinely love the job he has right now, then nothing can make him stay.

    Well, for one, that job might not be available. He may not be qualified. He may feel like he's not qualified. He may not be able to go for an interview. He may not get an interview. The list goes on.

    As far as the second part of that, LOL. BILLS and DEBT will make him stay. He might HATE his job, and HATE his boss, and be MISERABLE every single day, but he'll still show up to work, or else he can't pay his bills, and he'll default on his debt.

    So, tying it back to women and dating...

    If a man wants a girl, there are plenty of things that can keep him away. Just because he's not pursuing a girl, however, doesn't mean that he doesn't want her.

    If a man doesn't want or isn't happy with a girl, there are plenty of reasons why he would stay. I know guys from my high school that are literally with their wife because of "health insurance benefits" through his wife's union (as a teacher or police officer). That's just a minor reason. Some guys stay to not cause emotional harm (from a seperation) to their young children (e. g., my uncle). Some guys stay because they feel bad leaving the other person. The list goes on.

    Long story short, the world is rarely "black and white."


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  • No, men are like a dumber version of pigs when it comes to girls, you can twist and turn and bend and churn them like a Thanksgiving chicken.

  • Same with women. We only stay around the people we like, why would we want to be around the people we dont (unless forced to, and yes, sometimes that happens)


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