How can I be less awkward around attractive girls?

I've only had one serious relationship in my life that lasted 2 years, and it ended two months ago. Now I've forgotten how to be single, and I find myself being so awkward around very attractive girls, which is obviously a big problem because I get very nervous around the types that I am attracted to. I was supposed to be going to lunch with this girl that I like and our mutual friend that planned the lunch today, but when my friend mentioned that I was coming (she didn't say my name, just that there was a guy that wanted to meet her) she said that she has a boyfriend even though I had been told that she was single and there is no evidence that she does actually have a boyfriend. This really hit me that I'm so alone now. I no longer have that mental crutch that my ex provided, and I fear that I will never find that right girl because I thought that my last girlfriend was the right one at first. Plus all of the girls that I'm attracted to are always taken or uninterested. I feel like giving up.


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  • Why would you give up? I mean, sure you had some unfortunate circumstances, but all of us experience such things at some points in our lives. Should those circumstances stop you from having a chance at happiness and closure?
    I don't think you should give up.


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  • " I fear that I will never find that right girl"

    You're what? 20 years old? Come on man, take advantage of being single. You have more time to work on goals whatever they might be not to mention w/o all the distractions.. you now have to face yourself more often which is a great time for self discovery and reflection.

    "I feel like giving up. "
    - really?

    back to "How can I be less awkward around attractive girls? "
    - It will take some time adjusting to be single again. Just like anything.. you get better at "being single." In the beginning you will dwell on missed opportunities and rejection but eventually you stop caring.

    Think of a rookie QB, he throws an interception and eventually crumbles and loses the game.

    Now think of the veteran, he throws an interception... knows what went wrong.. next play makes a point scoring drive. Or if he ends up losing the game.. so what? there's plenty more games down the season.

    So don't worry..

    • I know this happens to other people, but this happens 100% of the time with me. Like I chase the girls that I can never get.

    • Ignore the last comment. I don't know how it even got here, but thanks for the advice!

    • You're 20 man. I keep saying this and i know you hate hearing it but i can't even consider anything from 19-22 dating. It's just people who have no idea who they are and what they want trying to f-each other while not fing up.

      You sound so "boo hoo" over your situation rather than being positive. This alone makes you less datable and likable. You've had a RELATIONSHIP... dude that's more than most guys at this point. You're healthy, you don't seem to have grown up in an abusive family and maybe you even have a car?

      "I know this happens to other people, but this happens 100% of the time with me. Like I chase the girls that I can never get. "

      The moment you stop chasing girls, live a life that you enjoy and proud of.. you're attitude will change from "these girls won't like me" to "people are lucky to have me in their lives."

      That's the person people will be attracted to, not "woe is me."

      So work on that, forget girls, they're a pain in the ☼

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