I'm not attracted to the girls that are attracted to me and the girls that I'm attracted to don't even notice me?

I don't mean to sound arrogant, but I'm considered a very good looking, funny, nice, and smart guy. There are a bunch of girls that are attracted to me, but I don't find any of them attractive. I've dated one of these girls and it didn't work out too well. I'm rather picky, and I am only attracted to girls that most of us guys call a "unicorn", but these girls are either always taken, or they don't even notice me. This is a vicious cycle that has severaly crippled my love life. What gives?


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  • Honestly, you're just going to have to keep trying until you do find that girl. I agree that you shouldn't for a girl you're not attracted to. It's not fair to either one of you. That happened with my last and only relationship. My ex wasn't interested in me at all, but he felt that he had to settle since the girls he wanted didn't want him. It hurt me so much when I found that out. Now I am terrified to date because of this reason. What if another guy feels the need to settle for me?

    I hate it when people tell someone to just lower their standards. You're at least 24 or under, so you're still quite young. You'll find that girl eventually. I think it's better to keep looking then to be in a relationship you're miserable in.

    • Exactly! I've had people tell me to lower my standards, but I can't, and getting rejected all the time gets old.

    • It's definitely terrible advice, not for you but for the person you're settling for. I'd like to know how those people would feel if they found out their partner is only with them because they felt they had to. I'd honestly rather be single for the rest of my life than to ever be with someone who was choosing me because they couldn't find someone better. It sucks.

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  • That's the case with EVERYBODY, we want a little more for ourself. You will only find those girls attractive which according to you would be more attractive than you, so you have a sense that you are gaining something. But one has to realize, we don't always get what we want. So, it's better if you change your outlook and give decent looking girls a chance for relationship too. You'll like them more once you get to know them. Always approach the average girls, they are more likely to entertain you, and this weird thing about girls is that when they see a guy with another girl, they find that guy more attractive.. So that way, if you be with say an average girl, you might have a chance with the high tier end girls as well.

    • When I settled for an average girl it didn't work out at all. The relationship permanently damaged my view on dating.

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    • Trust me when I say that it won't work out with the other. I'm not lowering my standards just because I can't get the girl I'm shooting for

    • Be ready for a huge disappointment then.

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  • You like the chase.. Like the saying we want what we can't have


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  • d00d that happens to everyone. there will be people who like you who you don't like back, and people you like who don't like you back.

    • I know this happens with other people, but this happens 100% of the time with me. I chase the girls that I can never get.

    • just keep trying until you get the girl you are into, and she to you. it'll happen, just keep trying. its not impossible. you say 100% because it just hasn't happened yet. keyword: yet

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