Signs a guy wants to marry for green card?

I'm in a relationship with a Kenyan. He goes to my college and has been here for a few years. He's so eager to get married. He calls me all the time, we have so many dates, he cooks for me, has introduced me to friends and family and they said he's a very family oriented person. he's in school to be a nurse. He never asks me for money, and is always very affectionate towards me and he's very religious. How can I tell he's the real deal or just wants the card?


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  • From what you said in the other comment it sounds like he is. What religion is he?

  • How did u came up with the G-card theory?

    • I saw somewhere where it happened to someone and then later on my friend brought it up and told me to be careful.

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    • I'm just afraid of being in too deep and have him lying to me the whole time.. like I don't know if I should proceed staying with him because the longer I stay the more I'll love him and it won't be easy to let go even if he's being deceitful.

    • There are interracial dating everywhere so.. I don't know about that.

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