How long should I wait for him to contact me? Was he sincere?

My friend and I ran into a Bachelor's party. Anyways with time, the one guy I found attracted I could tell was also interested in me. While I was busy, my friend told me, he said, "I think your friend is beautiful, please put in a good word for me." Later that night we kissed numerous times and held hands. Before he had to depart with his group, he asked for my number, but because we live in different countries (destination bachelor party) he also asked for my email. It's been about 4 days, and still no email:(. I know he can't call since its not possible. But when should I Loose hope that he was just curious if he could get my number? (Okay I admit we were both very buzzed) but I like him.


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  • Maybe he does not remember because he was high or drunk?


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  • he's not interested.


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