I like this girl, but when a mutual female friend tried to introduce me to her she said she had a boyfriend, but I think she is lying?

Our mutual friend had told me that she had a boyfriend her freshmen year of high school (we are seniors now), but they broke up because he kept pressuring her into sex. When she told her that there was someone that she waneed her to meet she said that she has a boyfriend which caught my friend by surprise and hit me in the face. Apparently he graduated and is going to college now and he is the same guy from freshmen year. I feel like this is a lie because on social media she only has pictures of her with him from 2 years ago (I had to do some facebook stalking to originally see if she was taken) and he is never mentioned at all. Should I still try to be friends with her in case it is a lie?


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  • just be friends.

    • Yeah I found some solid evidence that she isn't lying, but I'm still going to be friends. She's a cool person and if I'm lucky I might get a chance to date her later on.

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