I always lose before I can even make a move with a girl that I like?

She's always either taken, completely uninterested, or I screw up. I am tired of losing the love race before I even leave the starting line. I have only been successful once in my short life because she liked me and I settled for her even though she wasn't what my heart desires. Obviously that was a stupid thing to do and we wasted 2 years together. Most of the girls I go after either don't notice me at all or have a boyfriend that I didn't even know about until I'm about to make a move. And the few that have returned the interest haven't worked because I was an idiot and screwed up. I'm a very attractive, athletic, smart, strong, and open minded guy, but both the universe and myself keep on making me fail before I even start. I'm sick of starting over just to end up back at square one again all the time. And I'm only 18! I fear that I'll always be stuck in this endless loop.


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  • you're only 18, you'll find someone.

  • i feel the same exact way!


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