Just got into an argument with my boyfriend of four years, I need advice?

I want to know if I am wrong in this circumstance. We have trust issues throughout the whole relationship which is why I ended the relationship but he was willing to change so I gave it another try. This is why we broke up again: I am having trouble with cost accounting so I sent an email to my classmates if anyone would like to meet up to study. A few people responded both guys and girls. However, this one guy is always available so i requested off from work to meet with him at the schools library to study but I told my boyfriend beforehand what I was doing. He calls me pissed off saying why would I go meet up with a classmate that is a random stranger alone instead of with a group. I said because no one else was able to make it today and he really knows the material. So then he said why would you meet up with him knowing he might like you, only guys who meet up with girls usually like them. So I said I don't know if he likes me but I did say in the past that normally guys who help me tend to like me but it's like always the case all time. So now he tells me I'm wrong and that seems illogical to meet up with him knowing there's a possibility he likes me. I said I don't understand how that's wrong because I told him and I need help in that class. Please tell me the unbiased truth.
He also just broke up with me and wants to change his number.


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  • If your meeting up with the guy to truly study than that is cool but if your meeting up to study and have play time afterwards no that isn't good. If you've been with this same guy off and on for 4 years in a relationship and it keeps failing it's time to throw the towel in someone is not ready to commit , both of you are too insecure about things and to let this go on for all these years when are you going to call it quits or simply tell yourself this isn't working so time to move on , this relationship seems too toxic as long as you allow it to go on than your going to continue dealing with this stuff ,

    • Yes I requested off from work to meet up at 10 and he left at 3 to run errands. I stayed at the library afterwards. The whole time we were working on homework and the midterm questions. That's why I ended it last time because of these unsecurities and he says I need to change because all I care about is me? I don't understand what I did that was so wrong. Yet it's okay when he was in college to give out his number just so some girl he likes can sign him in or Facebook message random girls. How am I inconsiderate? I'm kind of sad to throw in the towel but he wants me to live a life without any freedom. I don't understand what's so wrong about talking to another guy if I have no intentions of taking it any further.

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    • I guess I'm partially at fault because I told him I liked my coworker last month which is another reason why I ended the relationship because I knew it was wrong of me

    • Well, you can't put the blame all on yourself maybe what he does gives you a good reason to do what you did but i see no problem in a guy giving a girl freedom, he should give her freedom and breathing space but lets hope you both can find Peace within yourself , I know it's easier said than done but there is always a reason for things that happen in relationships

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  • This is a small problem dont make it big , all u can do is to talk to him tell him he doesn't have to worry even if the guy likes u , tell him u love only him and that the meeting is only for study i think he will understand ^^

    • I did but he said I have to admit I'm wrong and I don't feel like I'm wrong especially since I made all those things you mentioned clear to him. He's making it a big deal like he always does with everything which is why I broke up with him before.

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    • He just hates when I see guys in general whether they are friends or not. He first trust me. I'm just sad we can't work I wish we did but he wants to be this lonely individual that doesn't see anyone

    • Do what u think is best.. I don't know what to say thou

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  • I don't think that you're wrong. However, I do think that you should just move on. If you've been together for four years and have had trust issues throughout the relationship, then you should cut your losses and start dating other people. This is not healthy for you.


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