Girls under 22, could you find a bald guy attractive enough to date him or get serious with him? Assuming he's your age and shaves what's left off?

Like I said assume a young guy has a condition that makes him lose hair or balded early, he shaves what's left bald, can he still be attractive to you? Could you date him or would it be too embarrassing when all your friends have guys with hair? No feel good answers just the truth please, and please only vote if under 22, I don't mind comments from any girl though
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  • I dated a guy like that in college. He worked out a lot and he was good looking. I didn't mind the fact that he was bald. Hot is hot.

    • That's kinda what I was hoping, I lost my hair to a condition after a family death, now I'm not jacked in fact I'm pretty skinny, however it's my build and I fit my frame, you can tell I do work out some and my headshape and face worked amazing with it thankfully, and I've had girls tell me this too I'm not just blowing air out my well... Anyway biggest issue is the aforementioned relative smallness and I'm pale, and not just the 'oh get some sun' the doc who diagnosed my hair condition also wrote my skin as a type that night as well be two steps above that of a ginger's. It simply won't respond to light, anyway sorry for the long response but I was hoping it was something along what you said, it may not be a prefernce but it doesn't take away a guy's looks either. However could I ask if the guy you were with was around your age, and if he actually had hairloss or if he shaved just because

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  • Plenty of guys are blad! It would not be a turn off or anything like that. I probably wouldn't think anything of it.

    However, what IS concerning is that you're 20 and interested in girls that are 16. If that's true that would be an instant deal breaker. But I'm going to assume you just wanted their opinion instead of being actively interested in teens.

    • That was actually a bit of typo I believe hah, but I did want to keep this confined to girls this age, I've heard way too many girls say 'when we are a lot older we won't mind!' But I'd like to not miss out on dating in my early 20's, also something to tak into account is I'm white, so I'm not black which seems pull it off better, and I've noticed darker girls seem more interested in me now, which I'm not attracted to darker skinned girls so that sucks no offense to anyone, so could I ask what ethnicity you are?

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    • My race and ethnicity are complicated.

      I'd prefer to keep me out of it since you've already stated your opinion on this sort of thing.

      Good luck tho!

    • I'm sorry I don't want to offend anyone, and it's not out of anything against a race just what I'm attracted too, and she doesn't need to be lily white like me, girls with a little darker complexion like part Spanish or Olivey skin have caught my eye. Anyway thanks for your help either way

  • Some guys look good bald. Chris Daughtry, for example.

  • Are you cute😶?

  • i would date one.


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