Girls, whats this girl playing at?

So I added this girl on Instagram 2 weeks ago. She messaged me first and we got talking. After a couple of days I have her my number and we started messaging on whatsapp. Up until yesterday she was quite responsive. She flirted with me and seemed quite interested. We spoke twice on the phone too. She said she enjoyed my company and I made her laugh.

Since yesterday around 7pm she has stopped messaging back. I mean she's not even reading the whatsapp messages. She's definitely online because I can clearly see that. However I'm very confused. I mean if you don't want to talk to me then why not just say so and block me? In the past she has read the messages and got back to me after a few hrs. This time she hasn't even read them.

Now we were meant to be going out on Tuesday. However she told me Monday that she has a meeting after w. ork and we can meet Thursday instead for definite. So tomorrow I'm meant to be meeting her and I've had no contact with her. I've messaged a few times and called. Still nothing.

As as I said before from past experience if someone isn't interested or feels bombarded with calls or texts would block me. And she hasn't done that.

Its really confusinh me


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  • Do not send her anymore messages until she responds. She might feel bad to just block you and now is just trying to avoid you. If she does not respond or get back to you, you can assume your plans for Thursday are no longer in place (if she does, however, message and say why aren't you here or etc you can say you haven't been in contact and you assumed plans were cancelled). If after tomorrow she still hasn't sent a message explaining why she hasn't spoken to you and couldn't make the plans then i would just leave her alone and write her off. she isn't worth your time.


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  • She sounds like a player sorry
    the fact that she's avoiding contact could mean that she's not real or that she's in a relationship and got carried away.

  • Give her time. Maybe she is going through something right now and isn't sure if she should get involved. Hang in there!

    • She did say she has trust issues. And was flirting back and forth. Since 5pm uk time I haven't contacted her and I don't think I should. I mean the least you can do is just tell me what's going on.

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    • Do you think maybe I should call or text her in a week or so?

    • I actually think that's a great idea. I would maybe send her a text, just asking how she is doing. Casual, but yet it shows you care.

  • Let it go and have fun with your friends instead. If she wanted to go out with you she would get in touch. People who go missing like this usually comeback like nothing happened. Its your choice to decide if she deserves another chance then.


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