Why do women these days date men based on the colour of their skin?

Like you see white girls only dating black men or white men, Asian women only white men, etc. And then when you ask them why they only date a certain race and not others they use the same "oh (insert race) type of guys are unnattractive because of (insert biased and racist stereotype) and because of their "religion") excuse. And my theory is that these women are easily influenced by the media and since white men and black men are the most represented and most positively portrayed in the media i. e movies, tv shows they only go for them and just assume all other men are automaticall bad and "unattracive".

How can you know whether or a not a guy is good enough for you based on the colour of his skin and the country associated with his ethnicity without getting to know the person on a individual basis?
You can't just assume that a person is bad simply because you either had a negative experience with a man or men of a certain race or because all your "friends" only date men of a certain race.

And I have noticed this problem only exists in USA and no matter how I try to tackle this problem I get negative feedback, angry responses and accusations of being racist and to top it all off it's always somehow my fault and not theirs and that I am supposed to change my attitude and not theirs.

You can't say all dogs are bad because you got bitten by one.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's men who date women based on their skin color
    Some men will even put online that they only want white girls messaging them and they will put no black girls
    Even in real life white men say that too they say they will not date a girl who is dark skinned

    • Look at Kim Kardashian, and all those white girls and their black boyfriends who go online making fun of white men and other men and bragging about "bbc" and all that crap. Then you have those asian/Indian women who only date white men and then talk shit about Asian men/Indian men simply because they had a bad experience or they are obsessed with hollywood and western culture.

    • I agree it goes both ways

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's not about skin color it's about who they happen to be attracted to. You can't help ywho you're attracted to.

    • Yes but dating a certain type of people based on the colour of their skin is wrong. im talking about people who say shit like "I only date black girls becuse they have big booty" or "I only date black men because they have big dicks".

    • Oh, I don't know any assholes like that.

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  • i never cared about skin color.

  • They don't. So stop asking this.

    • You see this is the typical angry response I was talking about. Im not trying to offend anyone so there's no need to get angry.

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  • Lol so one chick means all of them are the same xD that's funny

  • @cincerelli @missnowhere is that why y'all could nvr be with meh ma LUV? 😨

  • Little minds... little minds mate

  • I just fucking love Asian women... No rhyme or reason... I just do... Call me old fashioned, but I like a woman who has something to share


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