INTENSE and very intimate first date... it was so good it was kinda scaring me?

Girl asked me out three months ago when we were in different cities. We talked over those 3 months, finally got together the other day. I was amazing but the most intense "first date" I've ever had. Since we already kinda gotten to know each other a bit, we ended up with some extremely passionate kissing, holding each other so tight (no sex cause we don't want to rush it) and she told me she's crazy about me and that she wants me so bad etc. It just feels right and feels like a relationship already.

All that is cool, just scares me that things got so romantic/intimate so fast and it felt so right. What do you think?


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  • I think its definetly a great sign and you should enjoy it. Chemistry is everything.


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  • i say good for you!


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